Faceapp Mod APK V12.0.0.1 (Pro Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

I’m introducing you to the Faceapp Mod Apk on our website to download the latest pro version. You can use this FaceApp software with fantastic filters & no watermark.

Faceapp Mod Apk

Faceapp Mod Apk

In the era of social media, photo editing & TikTok filters are exciting parts of taking selfies. Many applications, such as Remini Pro Apk, filters, and mobile photo editing, are used daily. Still, we need help with many issues as users, like some editing apps’ features being paid for. Some parts are Locked, and we always try to find solutions to Unlock them.

After much research, we came to know other application versions are available. Just like Faceapp Mod & Lightroom Mod APK are Available as Unlocked Ai Photo Editing Apps. The same apps we want to use are available in Mod APK Version with all features unlocked, and no watermark during editing is available for you to download.

Before breaking the nutshell of Deep Dive knowledge, I’m introducing you to the Faceapp Mod Apk on our website Facepro Apk, to download the latest pro version. You can use this Faceapp software with fantastic filters.

Apk Name:Faceapp Mod Apk
Category:Photography & Editing
Latest Version:V12.0.0.1
Requirements:Android 8.0 and Up
Mod Info:All Features Unlocked
Rating:4.5 Stars
App permission:Storage & Other

What is the FaceApp Mod APK?

Faceapp Mod APK is a photo editing app that you can use in your daily life like you are always using Spotify Premium APK. You can do almost any type of editing with this application. From 2019 to 2020, Faceapp Mod APK was known as one of the most famous trending applications worldwide due to this viral feature turning young people’s photos into older adults. Most people like these features, which is the first main reason this photo editing app is becoming more famous.

Faceapp Pro Apk is an easy-to-use and exciting app due to its unlimited unique features, filters and presets like Lightroom Mod Apk, while taking selfies and editing photos. This application can change hair colours and backgrounds to One Click AI filters and young to old age filters. An exciting and mind-blowing application in 2024.

This application’s most amazing positive point is that you can easily edit your faces and photos in HD 4K Quality, just like you are doing advanced editing in the Alight Motion Mod APK. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and download the Mod APK Version of this application to get an ads-free and restrictions-free experience.

History of FaceApp Apk

A Russian company, FaceApp Technology Ltd, launched the Faceapp Editing App in February 2017. At the start, this application was not popular. As We Already Described, Faceapp became popular due to its trending AI filter to Change your look from young to old age, and adding more amazing features like that back in 2019 became its first reason to be viral in the Entire World as a Photo Face editing mobile application.

Celebrities and ordinary people also started uploading their pictures on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook by editing them with this application. By the way, if you want to Make your Instagram Better With Cool Features, Let’s try Instander APK.

So, it started getting unbelievable fame and popularity then and now. You can also download FaceApp for PCs like Faceapp Mobile Mod APK.

Open the Google Play Store and search for this application. You can check APK ratings and reviews due to its unique all-time filters and editing features, from grading to background removal and Filters like Kiss Filter, Flower Filter, Halloween Filter, and Much more.

How Does FaceApp Pro Work?

First, download and install the FaceApp Mod APK using the above button.

When you finish installation, it’s time to edit your face.

You must upload a good photo from the phone gallery and use it during face editing.

Then, resize the picture according to the frame to adjust it properly.

After this, apply the filter you want to use on your image and any other settings.

Congratulations, your Facebook-edited image is ready to be shared anywhere.

You will see social media buttons like Facebook, Instagram, and others there. Just press the publish button, and you are done now.

Features of FaceApp Premium

When using this Pro Faceapp editing software, I found it exciting. It is the best AI editing app for your photos and face. In this, I explore some of the best main features of the Facepro Mod APK, which I explained very well below.

Let’s Discuss the Main Features of this Application to better understand it before downloading the official Facepro APK from my site above for free with all the MOD features unlocked.


1. Age Changer

This application’s favourite trending feature is Age Changer, and you can use this filter in the pro version without any issues. 

With this filter, you can turn any young photo into an old-age image, a feature that makes this application more popular and allows users to choose.

3. Hollywood Filter

Do you want to look like Hollywood Stars? Of course, I know you want to look like them. Yes, this is amazingly possible with FaceApp’s new Hollywood filter feature.

With this application filter, you can edit your pictures like Hollywood stars with just one click, and your Precious photo is ready to use.

2. Unlimited Filters

Using Faceapp Mod APK, you will see the application’s Unlimited filters, which you can use to edit your pictures and make them decent and beautiful.

Then, use these edited photos anywhere you want to use them.

4. Style and Hair Colour

Another feature of this face app is the style and color of the hair; you can easily edit your pictures and give your hair a new color, like purple, yellow, brown, or white.

With this pro application, you can change your hairstyle and the colours of your choice. Giving your hair a new look is exciting. When you post your photos on social media with these AI-changed pictures, you will get hundreds of likes and comments from your friends for your new hairstyle.

5. Beard & Mustache

If you want to look like a bearded man and add a more attractive beard style to your picture, go to the Beard Feature and use this.

Use this filter to make your photo more beautiful and easily download your beard-style image.

7. Add Amazing Tattoos

If you want to add any tattoo on your body and face, this application’s pro feature allows you to add tattoos of your choice and make your photo more attractive.

Just upload your picture, select tattoos from the list, and adjust this on your image like magic.

6. Replace the background

Using Faceapp Pro Mod, you can easily replace or change your Photo background. You can upload any type of background you want. You can also apply this feature to change the photo location.

8. Fully Optimized

This application is user-friendly and fully optimised for you. You can even use this Mod APK Version or Application on any low-end device fast and smoothly.

You may face any lag in other applications, but this application is smooth, and that’s another reason people like this Photo editing app. It’s different from other editing apps that may get stuck during usage. It is lightweight and optimised for every user.


Advantages of FaceApp

  • All Filters are Unlocked
  • Changing your face to Women/Men
  • Easily compatible with your Android Device
  • Ads-Free
  • Without Watermark
Facepro apk is secure?

Is it Secure to Download?

Yes, Face app Mod APK is secure to download, and most importantly, you can get it on our site, which is fully virus- and risk-free. Start using this application today; enjoy the Modified Version easily.

We constantly check on these files daily to clean them from viruses so you can use them and download them without hesitation. We know How essential security issues are for every user. In Case of any issues, you can always Contact us.

What’s New in the FaceApp Pro?

The current version of this application is v12.0.0.1, which has been recently updated. 

The new version of the Faceapp Mod includes:

  • Performance improvements.
  • A New Magnifying Glass feature was added.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • An extra feature for naming your photos.
  • Adding shared folder or photo name options separately.
  • Add new filters like kiss filters, Hollywood filters, and Halloween filters.


Here, I openly discuss all the features and filters of this Faceapp Mod APK. If you want to edit your photos like a professional, this application perfectly matches your Needs. Download this FaceApp Mod Face Editor from my site ( Facepro APK) above. Both the latest and FaceApp Old Versions are available for download on my site.

Remember to download this application and use this app’s trending age-changer feature; I hope you like this article. If you face any issues with this premium app I am providing, you can ask in the comment section. For your comfort, I already have FAQs in the article for your better understanding and to get all your answers in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Here, I will discuss some FAQs and all your unanswered questions related to your Queries on Faceapp Pro Mod Apk. You can contact us anytime with other questions or issues about the site or FaceApp Pro.

Yes, Faceapp Pro APK is free to download on our website for you to download easily. You will get all the features and filters to Unlocked without a watermark.

No, it will not save your personal information on their data server or any other side. Don’t hesitate to download Faceapp Mod APK for Android From our Site.

Faceaapp Pro is a premium version of the Faceapp photo editing application. You can use all filters and features without issues using the Pro Version.

You will retain your Data if you Update the Faceapp Pro.