FaceApp for PC: Download the Latest Pro Version of Ai Face Editor

FaceApp for PC

In the Era of AI and Advanced mobile photo editing, there are famous AI filters in some applications for editing faces, such as Ai Face Editor and our photos, to turn them into a new cinematic look. One of the best editing software with all these features is Faceapp Mod Apk, which I already recommended in my previous article. You can check this Amazing AI Face Editor software. I have already provided you with a free version of FaceApp Pro to download from the site.

On the other hand, you always use the mobile editing app FaceApp Pro for fantastic photo face editing and a new look at pictures, but there is a secret: you can now download FaceApp for PC without any cost. Faceapp PC software is now widely available on the desktop Windows version to do all your favorite face editing and play with filters with a new UI and user-friendly interface.

Software Name:FaceApp for PC
Category:Photography & Editing
Latest Version:
Requirements:Windows 10 or Later
Mod Info:All Features Unlocked
Rating:4.5 Stars
App permission:Storage & Other

Before opening the nutshell of deep dive information for you, I am super excited to tell you that from my official site, you can easily download the latest pro version of the Faceapp PC software without a watermark for free to use and edit your face with fantastic AI filters and especially Age Changer filter. Check this Above!

What is FaceApp For PC?

Faceapp PC is a Face photo editing app that you can use in your daily life. It is easy to use and exciting software due to its unlimited unique features and AI filters for taking selfies and editing photos. Faceapp for PCs is one of the most famous trending applications worldwide, and this viral feature turns young people’s photos into older adults. That’s why the software became famous for the first time in 2019. 

Faceapp For PC

When this software, AI Face Editor, became famous, New York’s celebrities and Instagram influencers started posting photos edited with this AI tool’s face-edit filters. FaceApp PC is a demanding application that helps youngsters become older and look more beautiful using its free filters.

Another fantastic feature of the software is that you can easily change your background or hair color with one click. Isn’t that Cool? So, download the most trending application from my site above to experience premium photo editing for free. After downloading from my site, FaceApp PC gives you an extra option to download photos in HD 4K Quality.

Features Of FaceApp PC

When using this pro app for taking selfies and editing my photos using AI filters, including the Hair Color Changer, I found some Extra FaceApp PC features while exploring the whole software.

I listed below all the premium features of the AI Face Editor so you can understand the software in depth before downloading the App for PC.

  1. Age Changer
  2. Style and Hair Colour
  3. Replace the background
  4. Unlimited Filters

1. Age Changer:

The most trending feature of the Faceapp Pro Apk is the age changer because, in 2019, many New York influencers and celebrities started using this AI Face Filter in the Faceapp Apk to post their AI-edited photos on Instagram and social media. After downloading the app from my site above, you can also use this trending Ai Face Filter in Faceapp For PC Mod to experience its premium features fully unlocked.

2. Style and Hair Colour

After clicking your photos from the simple camera, you do not look like a cinematic shot and never go viral on Instagram. Still, Faceapp Pro has a fantastic feature that makes your photos HD Stylish and your hair look like actors. You also have an option for the hair color changer in the Faceapp Mod to edit your image to the next level. Download this fully unlocked pro version without a watermark for an extra classy experience.

3. Replace the background

Changing the background of your photo and sometimes removing it can be a tricky part of photo editing for users because some applications are not perfect for changing the photo’s background. With Faceapp Premium, you can easily change your clicked photo’s background within one click using Ai features in the app by Faceapp. After removing the background, you will have an option in the AI Trending app to add your custom background.

4. Unlimited Filters

Faceapp for PC gives you an extra premium experience, allowing you to enjoy all fully unlocked premium filters during face editing in the Faceapp premium. After taking it from the app, you will get unlimited filters to use and apply to your selfies. Later, you can showcase your HD 4K quality photos on social media and in front of your friends to flex your beautiful HD photo edited with Ai Hollywood filters.

Pros and Cons of Faceapp Windows

Here are the pros and cons of FaceApp for PC Ai Editor Windows Editing Software. I listed all the main advantages I experienced while using this Ai Face Editor.


  • Share your edited pics directly on Social Media
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Unlimited Filters
  • Make your Self Old with Ai
  • Famous Among Influencers


  • Work only on Windows 10 or higher smoothly
  • Watermark in Free Version
  • Requires Internet Connection

Installing Faceapp on PC 

Here, I have mentioned all the steps to download the FaceApp Pro APK for PC from my official site; after this complete step-by-step guide, you can easily install and start using the Software.

  • In the First Step, Download the Software from my official site above.
  • Then open it
  • Most importantly, you need Winrar software to extract the zip file.
  • After Extraction, click the installation button and wait for installation after completing the quick installation steps.
  • When installation is done, double-click on the FaceApp Software to run it.

After all the steps, open the Faceapp for PC and enjoy your unlimited AI filters while taking selfies.

Installing FaceApp on Desktop With Emulator

  1. Download the .exe or .dmg any Emulator file.
  2. Once installation is complete, open Bluestacks from the desktop icon.
  3. Setting up the emulator may take some time.
  4. Once done, the Bluestacks emulator should be fully opened and ready to use.
  5. Go to Search Bar and Type Faceapp in the Bar, and Screen Will appear before you; click on Faceapp Pro on the Android Emulator.
  6. Downloading will start
  7.  Once finished, Start using it on the PC.

FaceApp Pro Windows System Requirements

Before downloading the Software Faceapp Pro APK for a PC desktop, my system had the specifications below because it worked smoothly on my laptop. I recommend you check these requirements before downloading the app on your PC.

Operating System:

Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit


x86, x64, Arm, Arm64


Version 11


08 GB of RAM (Minimum), 16 GB (Recommended)


GTX 1050




Based on my personal experience with the FaceApp for PC, I covered all the details about the Ai Face Editor Application to use on PC without hesitation. FaceApp Pro is famous among Instagram influencers for its AI filters and advanced features like face editing. Try it today to experience free filters and no watermarks on the desktop windows, with a new look and UI design.

Download it from my official site above to enjoy its premium features for free. Edit your photos in this software using Ai within one click and post them on social media for likes and fun.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is FaceApp Ai Face Editor free to use on Windows and desktops?

The FaceApp photo editor app can be installed for free on Desktops and Windows. You need to download it from my official site.

Does FaceApp Desktop Support 4k Photo Editing?

Yes, with FaceApp Desktop, you can do advanced photo editing using AI Features and Filters to apply to photos, then save your projects in 4K HD Quality.

How do you install the latest FaceApp Pro version?

You don’t need to go to any other site or app store; open our official site, find the download button, and download the latest version of FaceApp for free.

Do I need an internet connection to use FaceApp APK?

Yes, FaceApp PC requires an internet connection for photo editing. Open the application and start editing like a pro.