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Hair Editing Apps

In the era of photo editing and social media, everyone wants to become famous on social media or needs to get attention with thousands of likes. Most youths love to edit photos and make new hairstyles for the sake of likes and views on social media.  I know you also want to look more beautiful. Have you ever imagined Ai Hair Editing Apps like FaceApp APK can edit your photos, and you can change your hairstyles? Yes, this is possible due to the AI and Trending filters in which you can change your hairstyles, change your hair colours, and then post it on social media to look unique and awesome due to AI Hairstyle Apps in 2024.

Isn’t it amazing? In this article, I will open the Nutshell of deep-dive information about the Best Hair Editing Apps in 2024 to transform Your Look. Check all the AI trending apps below. You can use these AI Hairstyle Apps to edit your hair according to your skin tone to look younger and more precious in the pictures.

What Is an AI Hairstyle App?

AI Hairstyle App is an online digital tool that allows you to easily edit your photos or test different hairstyles to make them look more attractive and awesome. You can change your hair colors and give them a new look by applying the Filters in the AI Hairstyle Apps for free. That is why I have listed all the best editing apps for you.

These Ai Hair Editing Apps for making a Hairstyle have unlimited trending filters and effects to apply to your photos. Upload your photos and start editing your pictures to makeover your hairstyles with different filters. After editing your hairstyle using AI, you can get more attention by posting it on social media.

Top Best Hair Editing Apps 2024 

Here, I list the best hair editing apps with all AI features, including hair changer, color changer, Hollywood filter, and other free trending filters provided by the AI Hairstyle Apps. You can check all of them one by one below. Explore and use these hairstyle editing apps that suit your face shape, texture, and look. Edit your new exciting look and post it on Facebook and Instagram to get more reach and become famous.

  • PhotoDirector
  • ModiFace
  • YouCam Makeup
  • FaceApp Ai
  • Perfect365

1. PhotoDirector – Hair Editing App

PhotoDirector is an AI photo editing app that allows you to animate your photos like a pro using advanced AI cutting-edge technology. It is an all-in-one photo editing app. You can edit your hair using the Best Hair Editing App to make your hairstyle look more attractive and unique. Adjust your hair using the free filter and select any color from the color picker that suits your look.

With 50+ Million Downloads, this Hair Style Editing App is free to install on the Play Store. Go to the official Play Store app and use this AI Photo editing application for free. Give your review of the app.

Hair Editing Apps

Benefits of PhotoDirector:

Here are some of the benefits of PhotoDirector 365 that will work for you as a LightRoom Pro. Check them below.

  • Flexible Plans
  • Unlimited Presets & Filters
  • Always up-to-date
  • New Music Packs Monthly
  • 24/7 Support
  • HairStyle Changer Filter
  • Download in 4K Quality.

2. ModiFace

ModiFace Photo Editor is one of the best Makeup and Hair Editing apps. It uses AI filters and technology to give you a new 4K HD quality look for free. In the app, you can edit your face and change your hairstyle. Modiface offers more than 600 Hair Styles for Women and Men to apply to your photos. This App offers amazing features, including blemish removal, teeth whitening, color contacts, facial/body slimming, hair color changer, and many more exciting features like cropping your photos and adding text to make them more attractive.

Hair Editing Apps

Extra Features of Modiface:

Here are some extra features of the AI Hairstyle App Modiface for you to explore this app for editing your face and adjusting according to your choice.

✔ Brightness and contrast adjustments

✔ Sharpening and blurring

✔ Image cropping

✔ Blemish removal (magic touch)

✔ Teeth whitening

✔ Enlarge eyes

✔ Smoothen skin

✔ Ai HairStyle App Filters

3. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is the famous virtual makeover and selfie editing application, the best photo editing application, and the HairStyle Changer App. Using YouCam Makeup APK, you can easily snap and edit your photos to give your ordinary snaps a new HD-quality Look. Upload your picture and select any filter from the menu to give you a new look. You can change the hairstyle of your photos and apply any hair to them.

The YouCam Makeup Hairstyle App has different features. With the help of AI-free filters, you can change the color of your hair, lips, and eyes to give your photos a new look. Don’t forget to download the Application from the PlayStore for free to transform your look in 2024.

Hair Editing Apps

YouCam Makeup Extra Features:

YouCam Makeup has some main editing features, so you must try them. Check them below.

  • Perfect Body Tuner
  • Hair Color Changer
  • Ai Avatar
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Ai HairStyle Changer

4. FaceApp Ai

Faceapp Pro is an easy-to-use and trending app due to its unlimited unique features and AI filters for taking selfies and editing photos. This application can change hair colours, styles, and backgrounds in One Click with AI and young-to-old-age filters—an exciting and mind-blowing application in 2024 to Edit Photos and change your look by editing your hairstyle as a top-of-the-line best face and hair editing app.

This app’s most amazing positive point is that this Pro Application lets you easily edit your hair and photos in HD Quality. The basic version of the AI App is free, but don’t worry. I have already provided you with a FaceApp Mod APK version to use its all Pro Unlocked features with a Free AI filter, no Watermark, and no ads. You can take this application from one of the recommended hair editing apps to give your hairstyle a new look and an all-in-one picture editing app.

Hair Editing Apps

Features of FaceApp: 

I have listed below some of the main features of FaceApp Pro Mod APK’s latest version, which you can download from my official website. Here are some premium features:

  • Ai Face Swap
  • Unlimited Free Filters
  • Hair Changer
  • Old Age Changer
  • Kiss Filter
  • Hollywood Filter
  • Hair Color
  • Freckles Filter

5. Perfect365

With 100 million users and loved by famous celebrities, the Perfect365 Hair Editing App is one of the famous AI-designed photo editing applications. With the Perfect365 AI Hair Style App, you can transform your look and edit your appearance from skin tone to eye color while maintaining your natural color and skin. Another exciting feature of the Hairstyle App Perfect365 is the Virtual Makeup, in which you can edit your picture like real life and try different makeup looks virtually. 

Hair Editing Apps

You can edit your photos virtually using the AI hair editing app for free, from eyeshadow to lipstick to hairstyle. You have unlimited filters to apply to your face. With this app, you can change the hairstyles for your photo to look perfect on your face and change the color of your hair. After applying all the editing filters you can download your edited image into your gallery with HD quality.


In this article above, I have discussed the Best Hair Editing Apps in 2024 to Transform Your Look. You can explore all the AI Hairstyle Apps to download and check their features and advantages as an AI Photo Editor lover. I have also listed my personally recommended FaceApp APK so you can download the fully unlocked version from my site above for free. To change your look and hairstyle, you must explore the hair editing applications I cover in this article. You can comment down your favorite editing app from the above apps with us.

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