6 Best Faceapp Alternatives: Apps Like Faceapp Pro

Faceapp Alternative

FaceApp is a trending AI Face Editor application, and many influencers have started using this application for AI Face Swap, which has a free filter to edit your face if you want to look old age or change your gender using an AI artificial Intelligence filter in the app for free. Then you can use this Application Age Changer filter, which is the main reason for becoming famous for this face editing software. 

Like many other photo editors, including me, if you want to explore this trending application, competitors, and alternatives. In this detailed article, I am excited to announce that I will cover the best Faceapp Alternative for your knowledge to understand better the other FaceApp AI Editor Alternatives, including their features and information.

Before wasting a single penny of your precious time, let’s open the Nutshell of deep-dive information about the Best FaceApp Alternatives for free.

What is FaceApp Pro? 

Before opening the Nutshell of FaceApp Alternatives, let me tell you a little about FaceApp Pro and its features. It will help you compare and understand FaceApp better than other alternatives. Every Face Editing Application has different features and advantages.

Faceapp Pro is an easy-to-use and exciting app due to its unlimited unique features and filters while taking selfies and editing photos. This application can change hair colours and backgrounds to One Click AI filters and young to old age filters—an exciting and mind-blowing application in 2024 to Edit Photos.

This app’s most amazing positive point is that this Pro Application lets you easily edit your faces and photos in HD 4k Quality. The basic version of the Ai Editing App is free, but don’t worry.  I have already provided you with a FaceApp Pro Mod APK version to use its all Pro Unlocked features with a Free AI filter and No Watermark.

Main Features of FaceApp Pro 

I have listed below some of the main features of FaceApp Mod APK’s latest version, which you can download from my official website. Here are some premium features:

  • Ai Face Swap
  • Unlimited Free Filters
  • No Watermark
  • Age Changer
  • Kiss Filter
  • Hollywood Filter
  • Hair Changer
  • Freckles Filter
  • Blur Tool
  • Background Changer
  • No Ads

Best FaceApp Alternative

Here are the top five Faceapp Alternatives and their advantages, disadvantages, and Features. Let’s explore your favourite Application Alternatives for photo editing and try them to turn your Face Photos into a new look.

  1. Reface
  2. Oldify
  3. Faceswap Live
  4. Aicut AI Photo Editor
  5. YouCam Makeup
  6. Cupace

1. Reface

The best FaceApp alternative is the famous Reface – Ai Face Swap Application, which allows you to edit your face. The exciting feature is that you can switch your face with celebrities and influencers within seconds using the Reface Ai Face Editor. Like the Face Swap trending feature, you can select this option to swap your face.

You know what? The Reface App has an active 10 Million Users around the World due to its trending face changer filter, which turns your face into a celebrity. In my personal experience and while testing this face editing application, I found no other best FaceAppp Alternative.

Reface – Ai Face Swap Pricing

Reface Application has 3 Main Pricing Plans to Buy, and I am listing down all three plan details for your better understanding before purchasing it. For more information, you can check their official site.

  • The Basic Plan is $7.79 per Month, including tax.
  • The Unlimited Plan is $5.99 Per Month.
  • The Premium Plan with advanced features is $17.99 Per Month.

2. Oldify

Oldify is another Faceapp Alternative that has the same features as FaceApp Pro. You can use this Face Editing Application to change your gender and make yourself old. This App is specially designed to make people old with an Old Age filter and many other editing features. If I say Oldify is the FaceApp competitor, it’s more than the truth.

This Old Age Filter application has many other exciting features, like making your animations and recording videos using the Old Person filter effect. Check this today and make your exciting animations and photos look different. See yourself in the future with Age Changer Filters.

3. Faceswap Live

If you like to take selfies with your best friends and wanna post them on social media, an App Like Faceswap Live gives you an exciting option to Swap your face using AI while Taking Selfies with your best friends. While taking selfies live, it starts swapping your face with your best friend.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, you can change your face with your friends who live using the Faceswap application. It is one of the great FaceApp Pro alternatives, and you can install it and start editing your face to look like an enjoyable person on social media. In 2016, this app was the best-selling face swap editing application on the Google Play Store.

Features of the Face Swap Live App

There are 2 Main features of the FaceSwap Live that users can use and apply while taking selfies.

  • Costume Mode
  • 3D Filters

4. Aicut AI Photo Editor

The free FaceApp Photo Editing App for iOS and Android; another Free Alternative with the new AI-powered photo editor is the Aicut AI Photo Editor. Aicut can help you create visually unique images! AI separation makes engaging two filters in a single photo simple and quick. It has three presets to make your pictures pop (Portrait Mode, Background Blur, and Bokeh).

With Aicut, you can separate individuals and objects from the background! In separate editing sessions, you can add special effects to your background and yourself to make your images look even more gorgeous and vibrant—just like the stars! The more exciting part is that you can enjoy 30+ unique AI filters in the application for free.

5. YouCam Makeup

Youcam Makeup is the famous virtual makeover and selfie editing application and the best alternative to FaceApp. You can easily snap and edit your photos using the YouCam Makeup like a pro to give your ordinary snaps a new HD-quality Look. 

Don’t forget to try the best beauty camera makeup filters from top-brand beauty products in the YouCam Makeup Application for the best AI photo editing and taking selfies. The YouCam Makeup has different features; you can change the color of your hair, lips, and eyes to give your photos a new look with the help of AI-free filters.

Main Features of the YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup Faceapp Alternative is the best AI photo Editing Application, and you can edit your Snaps with a Trending AI filter like a Pro Editor. The YouCam Makeup has some main features for editing, so you must try them. I am listing some of them below for you.

  • Perfect Body Tuner
  • Hair Color Changer
  • Breathing Eye Makeup
  • Most Trendy Makeup
  • Magic Face Reshape
  • Ai Avatar
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Ai Fashion Designs

6. Cupace

Cupace is an AI Face Swap Photo Editor application alternative to FaceApp Age Changer Software. If you want to create funny photos, memes, and Face pictures of your friends, then you can use this Ai Face Editing APP to swap your friend’s face to make it viral. The app is famous for its amazing feature for cutting and pasting faces in photos.

You can manually extract faces from any image if the user doesn’t want to use the face-swapping feature. You have built-in emojis, stickers, and text to use in the editing process of the Ai faces.

Features of the Cupace App

Here, I list down the Best Alternative App Cupace Main features you can use on the software for face swaps and AI photo editing. Check this out.

  • Use Magnify Feature
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Can Use Face on Multiple Images


In this article above, I have discussed the 6 Best Faceapp Alternative for you to explore all the competitors and Alternatives of the FaceApp Pro Mod to download and check their features and advantages as an AI Photo Editor lover. For that, you were confused about the best alternatives for Face Editing Applications. Still, this confusion is solved after reading this article thoroughly. I have explained all the Best Alternatives separately for you. 

On the other hand, if you want to download the latest Pro Mod APK version of the FaceApp Pro, then from my official site above, you can download the fully unlocked version of the Ai face editor APK with free filters and No Watermark.

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