How To Fix FaceApp Crashing On Androids 2024?

FaceApp Crashing

If you’re experiencing frustration with FaceApp crashing on your Android device in 2024, you don’t need to worry about this issue. This famous trending AI photo editing app has Millions of users worldwide, including influencers, due to its FaceApp kiss filter and old age changer filter. However, sometimes you can face technical errors like app crashes and freezing while editing your selfies using the Face Editor app.

Sometimes, FaceApp does not work, and you cannot continue your AI selfie editing using the Hollywood filter and kiss filter to transform your look in 2024. After that, you can upload your edited photo to your Instagram and social media accounts to get more reach and likes. The issue can be resolved by updating the Application with FaceApp’s Latest Version 2024. To resolve the crashing app, restart your phone and install it again.

Sometimes, crashing issues come from the Google Play store and the developer side. In this case, you can use the Apps Clear Cache Data in the phone settings. You can also try downloading FaceApp Pro Mod APK from my official site above with no watermark.

What is Faceapp Face Editor?

FaceApp Face Editor is a famous AI face editor application with many features for editing your face, such as Face Swap and Making Yourself Old with Age Changer Filter. The most exciting part of this AI face Editing software is that you can edit your selfies or pictures in high-resolution HD quality with filtering techniques without losing the picture quality. You can edit any image with this FaceApp APK and add stickers and emojis.

How To Fix FaceApp Crashing On Androids 2024?

If you are frustrated by the FaceApp AI Editor locked paid features and low image quality in the free basic version, you don’t need to worry. From my official site, you can download the FaceApp Pro Mod APK free with an unlimited unlocked version, free filters, and no watermark. Isn’t it amazing? Check on the site now!

Main Cause of FaceApp Crashing

Here are some common causes of Faceapp Crashing that may irritate you when trying to use the FaceApp Pro APK on your Android device after downloading the MOD APK from any other source or app store.

  1. The main issue with FaceApp Crashing and the FaceApp Pro Mod APK not working on your Android device is that you download the software from any other third-party app store, not the original mod version of the App you installed. That is why FaceApp keeps crashing on your phone, which causes a mobile to heat up and the apps to shut down.
  2. The other main reason FaceApp is not working is that your Wi-Fi is not connected to your mobile phone. FaceApp needs a strong internet connection to download the internal updates and filters and run the App smoothly. You need a strong internet connection if you use the old FaceApp version.
  3. If your FaceApp still crashes, go to your Android device or iPhone settings and open the Application settings to clear the app’s cache and fix the Crash.
  4. Sometimes, Apps Keep Crashing due to the official Play Store or developers’ mistakes. You can recheck all of the above causes of FaceApp Pro crashing. Next time, download the FaceApp Pro Mod APK from a trusted site like to enjoy AI face editing without hesitation.

How to Fix Crashing or Freezing Issues?

I have listed the following methods for fixing the FaceApp Crashing or Freezing Issues on your Smartphone while using the FaceApp Selfie Editor for yourself. Check all of the below methods for fixing the Apps Keep Crashing.

How To Fix FaceApp Crashing On Androids 2024?
  1. Check Internet Connection: First, check your device’s internet connection to run the App properly. Go to the Wi-Fi router setting and click on the Reset button. This will help your device reconnect with the new server connection and solve the issues of the App not working or crashing.
  2. Install Update Version: To fix the old version of your app that is not working or freezing, install the latest version from the official site, like, with free filters and an unlocked version. This will help you resolve your smartphone’s Faceapp app crashing or freezing error. The crashing may be due to the old version being incompatible with your device’s current version.
  3. Free up Internal Storage: The App will not work smoothly on your Android or iPhone devices or will start crashing again if your phone’s storage is full and unable to work correctly. Delete unnecessary items from your phone storage or remove the extra apps that are unimportant to you. When the storage is free, and your device feels light after this, relaunch the FaceApp and continue your face editing.
  4. Check for Software Updates: Check that your current Android version is up-to-date and that you are using the latest version of the mobile phone because sometimes the newest version of the apps cannot work on the previous old Android version devices. You can go to the mobile phone settings to check the updated version and download the latest resources.
  5. Restart the Phone: If your FaceApp is still not working on your smartphone after following all the steps above, rebooting or restarting your mobile phone may help you solve this freezing or crashing App issue. When we use many apps simultaneously, the phone starts hanging, or any Apps do not work. After restarting the App, your phone will be clean or hang-free; reinstall the FaceApp Pro Mod APK and start using the App without crashing.


Experiencing a FaceApp crash on your Android device can be frustrating. I know how it feels when your favorite selfie-editing app is not working. But with these troubleshooting steps, you can quickly resolve the issue and edit your photos. Always keep your apps and device, including Android or iOS versions, up to date.

In this Guide, I have covered all the proven methods of How To Fix FaceApp Crashing On Androids 2024. You can also download the FaceApp Mod APK from my official site above for free with a free filter and pro unlocked.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

A: When using the old version of FaceApp on your Android device, it will stop working after some time; to resolve this error, you need to install the latest version of FaceApp.

A: It doesn’t mean your phone has a virus or someone has stolen your device data. The App Crash is due to the issues I mentioned in this article: an old app version or a weak internet connection.

A: FaceApp is an AI face selfie editor; there are many FaceApp Alternatives that you can install for hair editing, age-changing, and exciting filters. You can check Apps like Youcam Makeup, Lightroom, and Oldify.

A: You can install FaceApp Windows for free from my official site above. It has a complimentary filter, no watermark, and is fully unlocked. You can start installing FaceApp using the Emulator on Windows.

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